Promised land


Lost in your dark rooms - a prisoner of t´night

The life seems so senseless - with all the lost light

The dark will embrace you - lost without hope

To live in the darkness - is a strangling rope

Words without meaning - the evil comes through

To live without friendship - on the counter is  ..YOU



There´s a way - make it real

Use the chance - again to feel

See the light - feel yourself

On the road to the promised land

Take my hand - leave the dark

Follow me - to the golden land

Be alive - come with me

Take your trip- to the promised land


No matter what has been - the reasons are gone

Don´t care for the cause now - and start to live on

The darkness is greying - the morning will rise

A new day is coming it has - broken the ice

The fears are defeated - the senses get clear

A squint into the sunlight - a new life is near





© S. Dittmann 2013