Blackmare - riding through the time

Blackmare - we are in your mind

get it clear - now we are here

the stallions power - overwhelming near


What will happen when your mind is mine

You´re life as known is on the line

the horses power runs with you

and there is nothing you could do

Like steaming breath right beside your ear

Blackmares Power guides against the fear

You will sustain and fight against all odds

because we´ll offer the necessary guts




Like the mare we´ll pull you away

the horseshoe kicks you the new day

your mind is mine, your blood runs hot

the audience is our emotional hub

Let´s take the chance, let´s blow up the roof

the whole herd has nothing to proof

except the will to stay for this time

the musics´s power will lead that hard ride





© S.Dittmann  2013