I am the living - In the land of the dead

I roam the dark streets - While you’re asleep in bed

I feel the blood rush - From the sound in my ears

The music’s over - And morning is drawing near


From windows watching the cold eyes of fate

Escape the squadrons of desire and hate

Something is rising from the gutters of  greed

A public offering when you see my heart bleed



Hide away from the electric eye - fear the crystalline eyes

Hide away from the open skies - fear the crystalline eyes

Run away without goodbyes - from their crystalline eyes

From their crystalline eyes


I walk the valley - in the heat of the night

The fields are burning - I’m drawn to the light

I am a warrior - but there is not a war

I have no reason - and nothing to fight for


Pure as a bell chime on the last day of life

No sign of warning cold as a knife

I take the long way in this short life of pain

Take my good fortune never going insane




We must observe

We're everywhere

We take control

Until the end




© S. Schaberl 2013